Sneak Peek with Lee Gimenez!!!

FBI Code Red by Lee Gimenez is a suspenseful, intriguing novel following the exploits of J.T. Ryan and the lovely Erin Welch in the latest installment of this award-winning series. The FBI has learned of an alleged connection between the prominent Veritas Foundation and the government of China. Insiders are concerned that a uranium transaction may be in progress. Congressional investigations have led to the murder of Congressman Rodriguez and a near-hit on Elizabeth Hawkins. An underworld strongarm thug named Marco Alessi takes them to the threshold of Veritas executive David Grayson. Only the mysterious Amber Holt casts a grim shadow along their path. Fraught with danger and deception, it is a treacherous road leading to the truth — only will it cost J.T. and Erin their very lives?


The author’s work reflects the accolades he has received from his contemporaries. His research brings the series to life, making us feel as if we’re behind the scenes with the movers and shakers of the shadowy world of espionage. Of particular note is the fact that Gimenez took a trip to China to validate his narrative. Going halfway around the world to make your story real is as thorough and dedicated as you can get.


Gimenez’s work also resonates with the headlines of today. As of this writing, the American President remains atop the watchtower in vigilance over the nuclear proliferation agendas of Iran and North Korea. His predecessors underwrote a deal with Russia which allowed our rival to purchase a large amount of uranium for unspecified use. We are living in a world where uranium is becoming a commodity being exchanged on markets, and works such as this suggest where this all may lead.


Suspenseful and intriguing, well-researched and highly contemporary, Lee Gimenez’s upcoming FBI Code Red is one worth waiting for.

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