Behind The Scenes With Bob Methot!


Bob Methot is a major protagonist in JRD’s upcoming novel Nightcrawler III – The Plague coming soon on Amazon. A NYPD detective, he previously appeared as Evan Carlow’s partner in King of the Hoboes (also on sale at Amazon). He teams up with Hoyt Wexford, Jerry Loverdi and Don Conroy as the Nightcrawler Squad, assigned to bring the vigilante into custody. Bob is well known as a Dirty Harry personality, absolutely fearless and sometimes ruthless on the field of duty. Here’s an interview with one of the more unforgettable characters in the JRD anthology.

Q: It’s unusual to see a protagonist from a suspense/thriller reappear in a different series. What was the difference for you between teaming with Hoyt Wexford and Evan Carlow?

A: I hate to say it, but Hoyt and Evan are very much alike. They’re both headstrong, virtuous and spirited Irishmen looking to do the good deed and fight the good fight. They both find themselves up against these inexorable forces of evil and go through major changes in dealing with them. I get paired with them as a kind of alter ego – I do the kind of things they wish they could but won’t. I also have lots of street experience that they don’t, which makes me sort of a big brother at times. Plus, I’m good with a gun and don’t lose my cool in a jam. All in all, I’m a good guy to have in your corner when the chips are down.

Q: The storyline has you and your partners trying to track down the Nightcrawler to gain intel on the Russian Mob. You find yourself in a scrum between the Russian Mob, the Tryzub terror gang and the Brighton Hijackers. Amidst a citywide Ebola epidemic, does it ever seem like it becomes ridiculously hopeless?

A: That’s part of the magic of a JRD novel. Everything seems so bleak and depressing, you think there’s no way out until the floor drops from beneath the bad guys. In Vampir, it’s as much of a mystery as a horror novel, so you’re more engrossed in how things work out. In The Plague, it’s a series of cliffhangers where the Nightcrawler steps in at the last minute to stave off total disaster. The bad guys pick up and come back stronger than ever, but somehow Nightcrawler makes the save once again. It’s kinda like watching a wrestling match, you figure he’s gonna save the day but you can’t figure out how.

Q: Apollyon seems to be a lot bigger and more dangerous than the Reaper from the first novel. Only the Nightcrawler seems to have his number throughout the story. What’s the difference between the two?

A: Apollyon’s connections make him more of a menace than the Reaper, even though the Reaper does way better in combat against the Crawler. The Tryzub agents have an in with the Dagestan Embassy as well as the Russian government, which almost gives them diplomatic immunity. And, of course, they have their ace in the hole with Tryzub, which is on a level with ISIS as a terror organization. As a result, you may take Apollyon down, but the trick is to keep him down. You don’t know whether he’ll walk out the door or through the door.

Q: In all three novels, the Nightcrawler is sought by the police though there are no pending charges. Do you see him as public enemy or crime fighter?

A: He’s a vigilante, plain and simple. He makes our job easier, even though he’s technically in violation of dozens of State and Federal laws. All of New York City’s rooting for him, us included. We all wish he’d open up a warehouse somewhere and become a shadowy legend like my buddy Dale Vosberg. Only that’s not his style. He’ll just keep finding more and more ways to try and kill himself. Probably the series will end with him diving off the Chernobyl satellite.

Q: Is this the best of the series? 

A: You have to remember it’s the third part of a trilogy, and it’s advertised as women’s fiction. At the end of the day, it’s all about Sabrina Brooks and her relationship with Hoyt Wexford. In the first novel, she’s trying to rebuild her world after her father’s death and realize all her hopes and dreams. In the second book, she tries to hold it all together but somehow it starts falling apart. This story is about Hoyt stepping up and saving the day with Sabrina in the hospital and a new Nightcrawler on the streets. Sabrina’s probably the most fascinating character in indie lit, and you’re cheating yourself if you read one without catching the others.

Q:  Do you think there’ll be a Nightcrawler IV?

A: I certainly hope so. Maybe I’ll get the girl in the next one, or at least one of them.